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Book Covers I LOVE – Pt.2 May 10, 2010

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There are so many gorgeous book covers around lately, I think I’ll wallpaper my room with them! Here is part two of covers I love…

Living La Vida loca is my favourite at the moment, I love the hot pink and the dance picture. From Notting Hill with love …actually has a fantastic cover, and what an awesome book title! I love the simplicity of Please forgive me, and Desire looks glamourous, it makes you want to be there. Chick with a charm draws you in, and anything with sparkles gets my vote!

To see part one of covers I love, click here:


Inconvenient Flashes Of Inspiration May 5, 2010

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Since I started writing ‘seriously’, I’m finding it hard to relax and watch a movie, or read a book. I keep stopping periodically as I get ideas and flashes of inspiration. I’ve learned to just go with it when I get ideas, jotting down thoughts and dialogue as it comes, otherwise when I sit down to write ‘on purpose’ sometimes nothing comes of it. This is all well and good if I’m reading alone, or watching a DVD by myself (the pause button on the remote gets a workout), but not very popular for family life …”Mum! Can I press play yet?”. It can also interfere with a good night’s sleep as a 2 hour DVD can sometimes take about 3 hours when you count all the ‘Inspiration Breaks’. My so called winding down time in front of the telly has turned into a character analysis and brainstorming plotting session.

They say reading books and watching movies in your genre is good for research, but it’s also good for just plain fun, and I could do with a bit more of that right now!


I Think We’re In The Twilight Zone April 22, 2010

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I’m always intrigued at the power of some books to ‘take over the world’. It’s amazing how an idea that starts in someones mind can develop into a worldwide phenomenon that changes the lives of many people. I think many authors would never dream that their book would be made into a film (okay they might dream of it a bit!), let alone a whole range of merchandise to go with it. While looking in the homewares section of Target the other day, I saw ‘Twilight’ pillows! …Can you imagine your own book, or the book you’re currently reading having it’s own range of bedding? I’m sure Stephanie Meyer didn’t foresee this!

While having lunch with my mother recently, I got to talking about Twilight. “What’s Twilight?” she asked. “You know. The world’s most popular book at the moment”. I replied. A genuine look of confusion appeared on my mothers face. “You haven’t heard of Twilight?!” I asked in shock. “Nope. But I’ve heard of ‘The Twilight Zone'”. Yep, so have I. I think we’re in it.



Oh No! Am I Becoming My Characters? March 25, 2010

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Since writing some pretty comprehensive character profiles, I seem to be turning into them! Well, one in particular (and not the classy, sophisticated one either! It had to be the self conscious, clumsy, messy, & punctually challenged character didn’t it!).

In the last week I’ve managed to accidentally set off the smoke alarm, fumble around in the darkness half naked while stuck in a department store change room during a major blackout (alarms included), and arrive ‘non-fashionably late’ to just about every event! Oh and did I mention the total disregard for last week’s laundry that’s yet to be done?

Excuse me while I go and work on the classy, tidy, and organised character profile now. Maybe some of it will rub off on me (stain-free though because this character always remembers to pre-soak).



Which character will be first off the ranks? February 7, 2010

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Okay, I’ve decided that the opening chapter will have three scenes, one for each main character. It follows them in the half hour or so before they all meet. Only issue now is which character’s scene to open with? eeny meeny miney mo…

Here are the first sentences for each characters scene. Which one sounds best to open with? Which one would you want to keep reading the most? (Keep in mind, this is first draft un-edited writing!)

1. After finally managing to peel the wailing Toby off his wife’s ankles, Pete kissed Cara briefly on the lips. “Have a good night honey. And don’t worry about the kids, they’ll be fine”

Since Toby turned two, he’d become overly clingy, making it hard for Cara to go anywhere without him. Not that she went anywhere much, just the usual daily outings – the supermarket, the bank, the school, the pre-school, and the chemist….


2. It was about four months after the wedding when Gina realised she’d married the wrong man. They were driving home after having dinner with her family, when they’d gotten into an awful argument. She didn’t even remember how it started or what it was about, she only remembered the sickening feeling that she had probably made the worst decision of her life…


3. Damn you Barbie! You and your size four figure, all over tan, and legs all the way to the moon! Cursed Miranda as she tried unsuccessfully to squeeze into the black sateen capris she bought last month. Now, Barbie wasn’t exactly the healthiest role model, but ever since she was a child, Miranda idolised her….

Hmmmm, who will the winner will be?….


Beginnings Beginnings… January 12, 2010

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Although my scenes throughout the book are coming along nicely, I am struggling a bit with how to actually start the book! I know how important it is to start with a bang so to speak, and to make sure those first three chapters hook your readers in and make them want more, but I have about three different ways to start it and none of them ring true for me yet.

I think it’s because I have three main characters. Do I start with an opening scene involving all of them? or start with one character at a time to give a glimpse into each of their lives? (They don’t know each other yet, but will all be meeting in either the first or second chapter).

The other books I have read with 3 or 4 main characters start with all of them in the one scene, but this is because they are friends or colleagues in the story.  Hmmm, will have to keep trying different scenarios and see which one would grab the reader more.


Working backwards

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I have never been one to follow tradition. With my writing I don’t start at the beginning, I have been writing scenes as they come to me, while also continuing to plan and outline. I visualise the characters coming to life and then create a scene in my mind like a movie. Then I write the scene, whether it occurs in the middle of the book or the end. Hopefully these random scenes will come together and make sense in the end!

I also read that it’s a good idea to self edit your book from the back to the front, so you can pick up mistakes more objectively, and not get caught up in the story. My problem is I tend to edit as I go, stopping after each paragraph to check what I’ve written. I am practicing not doing this though, it’s easier when I write with the writing prompter . It helps me get everything down, regardless of grammar or consistency. I can always go back over it later to polish it up!