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Writing Software May 17, 2010

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I’m trialling this free writing software called yWriter, it’s pretty cool! …Helps to organise chapters, scenes, characters…etc, and I love how you can easily swap scenes around, and also see a storyboard or timeline for a quick overview of your manuscript. There’s also a rating system for each scene based on its tension, humour…etc, so you can make sure there’s a good balance of elements in each scene.


The Book Seer helps you decide what to read next… November 12, 2009

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Here’s a great little website that gives you book recommendations based on other books you have enjoyed: .

Now the only thing  is to decide which recommended book to read out of the long list they give you!



Great online tool for writing FAST! October 20, 2009

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I found this great tool that really gets you writing. You type in how many words you want to write and give yourself a time limit, and it gives you a gentle or not so gentle nudge/shock when you are running behind! Check it out here: Write or die.


What is Chick Lit? October 15, 2009

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Here’s a good article about chick lit, differentiating it from other genres such as romance novels. What is chick lit?