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Prioritising Procrastination June 30, 2010

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When it comes to getting things done, I’m either a ‘Do it right away and don’t stop till it’s finished’ kind of person, or an ‘I’ll just do everything else first to get things out of the way’ kind of person, depending on how I’m feeling, and what it is I need to get done. A happy medium eludes me.

I’ve tried making a schedule that allocates time for the most important, creative, and profitable things first, leaving the more mundane things like checking emails, paying bills, and sorting mail till the end of the day, but for some reason I tend to follow my schedule in reverse, stuck in the belief that If I get all the little things out of the way I’ll feel better and more able to focus on the BIG things. Problem is, by the time I’ve finished all the little things, I’m either too buggered to work on the big things, or I’ve managed to pull a whole new To Do List of little things out of thin air!

So I’ve come up with a solution: Prioritise Procrastination. Yep, procrastination is now a task in its own right, taking pride of place at the top of my To Do List. I figure if I make it seem important, I’ll be less likely to do it!


Personality quirks June 5, 2010

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One of things I’ve read about creating characters is to find out if they have any personality quirks. This helps bring them to life and make them seem ‘more human’. One of my main characters is obsessed with gadgets. She has a USB mug warmer, a 5-in-one key chain gadget, a toothbrush with in built timer, and even a pair of microwaveable heat socks for those cold nights! My other characters quirks are more subtle; one character is clumsy and always dropping things, forgetting things, or falling over (and no she’s not elderly), and the other always jokes around when dealing with a difficult situation, and is late everywhere she goes.

This got me thinking about my own quirks, do I have any?

Well one of them has to do with books. I have about ten or so books piled high on my bedside, all with bookmarks about a third of the way through. Why can’t I just read one book at a time, then go onto the next one? … I don’t know. I usually only read one novel at a time, but I always have a sneak peek at the others on my to-read list, It’s the non-fiction books I can’t seem to read in order. I usually can’t wait to find out what it’s about, so I start reading a new book right away, then the mystery is solved somewhat and my interest wanes, and I move onto the next one to discover more ‘secrets’.  I also read these books with highlighter in hand, highlighting all those important bits of informaton I want to remember. I buy books related to business, marketing, health, goals, spirituality, and have about a thousand books on applying the law of attraction in your life. …Okay, so maybe all the half read books are attracting more half read books. It’s ‘law’ so I can’t help it  😉

Some of my other quirks: Before going to bed I always double check every lock in the house, and make sure the garage door is closed (even when I know it is). Is that a quirk, or is it me just being cautious? I also do a mental inventory of my handbag before going out to make sure I’ve got everything I need (who says a mini-flashlight isn’t essential?), and don’t even get me started on packing a suitcase – now that needs at least a full day! I also constantly check my To Do list, even though I remember damn well what I’m supposed to be doing at 4:47pm each day. Yes, I like checking things. It helps me feel safe, secure, and in control. Hmmm… I think I may have a touch of OCD …oh wait, let me check.

…Do you have any quirks? what are they?


Possessed by the clumsy character May 18, 2010

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Well, It’s happening again …I’m becoming one of my characters. To add to my many mishaps of late, I just broke a jar of expensive face cream. Barely used as well. Looks like I’ll have to turn it into a heavy duty exfoliator complete with microscopic glass shards. Who needs microdermabrasion?

I really think cosmetics should come with their own in-built air bags that puff up at the slightest hint of being dropped. Either that or someone should invent a waterproof carpet for bathrooms. Then again maybe I should just be more mindful when handling glass objects!

Oh well, off to clean up. Always fun to do a spot of vacuuming at 11:00 pm!


I Think We’re In The Twilight Zone April 22, 2010

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I’m always intrigued at the power of some books to ‘take over the world’. It’s amazing how an idea that starts in someones mind can develop into a worldwide phenomenon that changes the lives of many people. I think many authors would never dream that their book would be made into a film (okay they might dream of it a bit!), let alone a whole range of merchandise to go with it. While looking in the homewares section of Target the other day, I saw ‘Twilight’ pillows! …Can you imagine your own book, or the book you’re currently reading having it’s own range of bedding? I’m sure Stephanie Meyer didn’t foresee this!

While having lunch with my mother recently, I got to talking about Twilight. “What’s Twilight?” she asked. “You know. The world’s most popular book at the moment”. I replied. A genuine look of confusion appeared on my mothers face. “You haven’t heard of Twilight?!” I asked in shock. “Nope. But I’ve heard of ‘The Twilight Zone'”. Yep, so have I. I think we’re in it.



Oh No! Am I Becoming My Characters? March 25, 2010

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Since writing some pretty comprehensive character profiles, I seem to be turning into them! Well, one in particular (and not the classy, sophisticated one either! It had to be the self conscious, clumsy, messy, & punctually challenged character didn’t it!).

In the last week I’ve managed to accidentally set off the smoke alarm, fumble around in the darkness half naked while stuck in a department store change room during a major blackout (alarms included), and arrive ‘non-fashionably late’ to just about every event! Oh and did I mention the total disregard for last week’s laundry that’s yet to be done?

Excuse me while I go and work on the classy, tidy, and organised character profile now. Maybe some of it will rub off on me (stain-free though because this character always remembers to pre-soak).