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Writing a lonely occupation? …Nah! September 4, 2010

Filed under: General — Juliet Madison @ 2:52 pm

Many people call writing a lonely pursuit, but I disagree. Okay, we do sit in front of computer screens talking to ourselves and imagining a fake world, but that’s only part of it. Since I started writing seriously, I have made a truckload of new friends, and the support for writers online is amazing.

There are writing groups to join, book clubs to participate in, festivals and conferences to go to, critique partners and groups, and online chats and discussions.

Recently I participated in the Romance Writers of Australia’s (RWA) ‘Clayton’s Conference’, which is a three day online event. It was so much more than I imagined, and the group of us Claytoneer’s have even started our own online networking group to continue the camaraderie and support.

Since joining the ‘writing community’ I have won giveaways, writing challenges, and received fantastic support and encouragement, as well as connections and opportunities in the publishing world, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

So to all those ‘lonely writers’ out there, I urge you to step out and become part of this amazing network. Join online discussion groups, find a critique partner, and become part of a writing association. It doesn’t even have to be in your genre; I joined RWA even though I’m not a category romance writer, and now I would not be without them. I have learned about the craft of writing,  the publishing industry, how to edit, how to bring your characters to life, and read many inspiring author interviews.

And another thing, when I’m writing, how can I be lonely when I have my characters to keep me company!


4 Responses to “Writing a lonely occupation? …Nah!”

  1. I agree with you Chick Lit Author, writing is not really a lonely occupation as you are forever communicating with somebody out in the world wide web. And though, I sit in front of the computer Ive networked with a load of people including authors, publishers and other bloggers

  2. Talli Roland Says:

    Writing can be very solitary – it’s why I love blogging so much! I’m also a member of the RNA in the UK and it’s been a great support so far.

  3. Joanne Says:

    Though parts of writing are solitary, so often it is a group effort. There’s readers and editors, the blogging community and writing groups. The list goes on … Happy writing to you!

  4. I respect anyone who can write – it mustbe so tough.

    But I think if I were a writer I’d be like you – meeting other writers, join a club / community and network. Just to get ideas, advise etc

    Good luck guys!

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