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I Think We’re In The Twilight Zone April 22, 2010

Filed under: Funnies!,General — Juliet Madison @ 11:41 am

I’m always intrigued at the power of some books to ‘take over the world’. It’s amazing how an idea that starts in someones mind can develop into a worldwide phenomenon that changes the lives of many people. I think many authors would never dream that their book would be made into a film (okay they might dream of it a bit!), let alone a whole range of merchandise to go with it. While looking in the homewares section of Target the other day, I saw ‘Twilight’ pillows! …Can you imagine your own book, or the book you’re currently reading having it’s own range of bedding? I’m sure Stephanie Meyer didn’t foresee this!

While having lunch with my mother recently, I got to talking about Twilight. “What’s Twilight?” she asked. “You know. The world’s most popular book at the moment”. I replied. A genuine look of confusion appeared on my mothers face. “You haven’t heard of Twilight?!” I asked in shock. “Nope. But I’ve heard of ‘The Twilight Zone'”. Yep, so have I. I think we’re in it.



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