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Which character will be first off the ranks? February 7, 2010

Filed under: General,Writing Process — Juliet Madison @ 6:48 pm

Okay, I’ve decided that the opening chapter will have three scenes, one for each main character. It follows them in the half hour or so before they all meet. Only issue now is which character’s scene to open with? eeny meeny miney mo…

Here are the first sentences for each characters scene. Which one sounds best to open with? Which one would you want to keep reading the most? (Keep in mind, this is first draft un-edited writing!)

1. After finally managing to peel the wailing Toby off his wife’s ankles, Pete kissed Cara briefly on the lips. “Have a good night honey. And don’t worry about the kids, they’ll be fine”

Since Toby turned two, he’d become overly clingy, making it hard for Cara to go anywhere without him. Not that she went anywhere much, just the usual daily outings – the supermarket, the bank, the school, the pre-school, and the chemist….


2. It was about four months after the wedding when Gina realised she’d married the wrong man. They were driving home after having dinner with her family, when they’d gotten into an awful argument. She didn’t even remember how it started or what it was about, she only remembered the sickening feeling that she had probably made the worst decision of her life…


3. Damn you Barbie! You and your size four figure, all over tan, and legs all the way to the moon! Cursed Miranda as she tried unsuccessfully to squeeze into the black sateen capris she bought last month. Now, Barbie wasn’t exactly the healthiest role model, but ever since she was a child, Miranda idolised her….

Hmmmm, who will the winner will be?….


One Response to “Which character will be first off the ranks?”

  1. Liz Fenton Says:

    I’m voting for number 2…it sounds JUICY!

    Good luck! xo, Liz

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