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The Changing Book… December 12, 2009

Filed under: General — Juliet Madison @ 12:59 pm

Hmmm… I think my book is trying to write itself. I started out with a synopsis and outline of what I wanted, and now it has turned into a whole new story! What started as one story with one character has now become three stories intertwined with three main characters. I know the ‘3 characters’ thing has been done before, but I think I need 3 or maybe 4 main characters to make it work. Now deciding whether to write in the third person throughout, or first person for each character (may get a bit confusing if I go with the latter).


3 Responses to “The Changing Book…”

  1. DarleneLF Says:

    Good ideas sometimes turn into lots of good ideas! 🙂
    My current story turned into a series as well. I’m hoping if the first one gets published then they may want the whole series (fingers crossed).

    How’s the writing coming along?

    • I think it’s good to think in sequels, and many people comment that they want to find out what happens next to their favourit characters.
      Still very much in the planning, character profiing, and plotting atm, I’m the sort of person that likes to see the whole big picture, and then goes full on!

  2. DarleneLF Says:

    It sounds as though we have the same ideas about our stories and writing in general. We’d be great support to help and encourage each others progress. If interested in being writing buddies, send me a email.

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