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Choosing character’s names… November 4, 2009

Filed under: General,Writing Process — Juliet Madison @ 5:15 pm

I am playing around with different character names to see what I like for my main characters. It’s almost like choosing your baby’s name! You don’t want to make a mistake! I had picked one out that I liked, only to do a search on google and find that it’s also the name of someone with a rather ‘dodgy’ female profession if you know what I mean! Back to the drawing board… it’s almost impossible to find a name that doesn’t also belong to a real person, but I will make sure the name  I choose doesn’t show up on any of ‘those’ sites. 😉

For my main character I am thinking of Lily. She’s feminine yet strong, and I wanted something short and sweet. Now for the last name…


4 Responses to “Choosing character’s names…”

  1. DarleneLF Says:

    Character names are important because you’ll be saying them in your head for the next few (or more) months…so be sure to pick names you like, lol!

  2. madelinestevens Says:

    I actually bought a huge baby name book just to help me out with character names.

  3. Good idea. I might see if i can find my old one from when I had my son. The phone book could be good for choosing last names too.

    • Vinobaby Says:

      I agree–it is so difficult picking out the proper names. I am still in the prewriting stage of my attempt at a chick lit novel, but I have spent hours configuring names for my main characters already. It’s as if I am trying to decide upon my best friends name and the name should match the personality. Plus I want the protagonist’s name to tie in with the title. Maddening sometimes! Sounds like you are making good progress though–good luck!

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